Fried Veggie from the Market


Last week was my first time trying Gourmet Coffee and Pizza fried veggies, located in Dutch Farmers Market. If anyone goes to a market you know that there are different vendors promoting their product. I always want to try fried green tomatoes. When I saw the fried veggies section I went ahead and order some. I order fried pickets, green tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and I forgot the other veggie. It was so good along with the veggie sauce, which had garlic, mayo, and another ingredient.

Fried: onion rings, cauliflower, pickles, sweet potatoes, orzo, green tomatoes, hush puppies, and other veggies. Those were the other veggies they.

So now, I am addicted to their fried veggies. Today, after my “a walk in the park” routine, drove to the market and order myself some fried veggies: pickets, green tomatoes, hush puppies, and sweet potatoes. For a small order, you get 10 pieces for the price of $5.85 + tax.

Delicious, nice a juicy, and not overcooked. They sprinkle I believe sugar and cinnamon the fried sweet potatoes. Eating into each of the fried veggies you can taste the veggie, fresh, juicy, not dry, the batter is soft golden brown, do I need to say more?!

I always wanted to tried fried green tomatoes. When I first heard about it was on the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. I was like what is that, I want to try it, but never took the initiative to make it myself or order them. Somehow after seeing the movie, I start seeing them on some restaurants appetizer, but never order them.

Last week I tried fried green tomatoes for the first time, and it is so good, juicy, it have a mild taste. It is sweet, and little spicy. Now, green tomatoes hold up well when it is sliced, chopped, and fried, than a red tomato.

When you look up green tomatoes, you always see fried green tomatoes. Green tomatoes are always cooked!!!

That similar it up. Go to your local farmers market, if they sale fried veggies, go head and order yourself some and enjoy!

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