Acai Bowl



I decided to try this Acai Smoothie Bowl. This is my snack on the weekends.

.what is acai?.

Açai are small edible berries comes from a palm tree and the berries have a reddish-purple look from Central and South America.

Açai are always use as a smoothie bowl where you can top it with fruit, dried berries, nuts, granola, and any healthy toppings.

.what do it taste like?.

To me it tastes like sweet berry with a nice rich chocolate taste.

.preparing a smoothie bowl.

  • I let the bag sit out for about half hour in room temperature.
  • I don’t use the blender.
  • Once it melted a little, pour it in the bowl, add toppings and enjoy the delicious taste.

This is a nice smoothie bowl to tryout and enjoy! Quick and similar

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