Change Of The Season Outfits pt. 1


Exploring the my closet and drawer, I decide to put some outfits together.

Here is a nice outfit not just for moving your body but for just going out to make errands.  

  • Off Shoulder Gray Top
  • Dark Gray Calvin Klein Sweatpants
  • Long Sleeves Red Plaid Button Top
  • Black Sport Bra
  • Your choice of sneakers

I love cozy sweaters. Just put on a warm sweater along with some bottoms and boots, go out the door looking sophisticated, warm, and cozy.

  • Batwing Sweater Top
  • Wine Skinny Pants
  • Small Pouch Bag
  • Black Ankle Booties
  • Tank Top
  • V Long Sleeves Sweater
  • Cuffed Jeans
  • Small Pouch Bag
  • Close Black Booties
  • Tank Top
  • Batwing Sweater Top
  • Cuffed Jean
  • Small Pouch Bag
  • Poe Toe Heels
  • Tank Top
  • Knitted Off Shoulder Top
  • Jean
  • Poe Toe Lace Heels
  • Green Messager Bag

Over the knee socks should be a pair of socks to have during the cold months. Wearing them outdoors and even indoors for a loungewear.

Lounge around the house. Watch TV, turn on Netflix, surf the web, just enjoy relaxation with a nice cozy wear.

Check inside the closet and see what you can put together!!!!

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