Devotional Plan

38 If anyone believes in me, rivers of living water will flow out from the person’s heart, as the Scripture says.”

______John 7:38 NCV_______


Devotional Plan page is for someone that is looking for or starting a devotional plan for their time spend with God. You can do these plans individual and/or in a group. The plans I post are the ones I already had done. There will be a link connected to the title of each plan so you can read more about it, do a sample just to get an idea of it, and when you are ready start the plan. I am not going this give a paragraph about the plans but a short brief information on them. More to come. I hope you be inspire!



Good morning,

Mercy Like Morning – 7 Day Devotional by Jane Johnson

Looking for a devotion that dive into God’s Word and see what the mercies God has instore for you every single morning? This is the plan. Take the time in the morning to connect with God. Click on the link and began your plan .

Good morning, Seeds of Spring – 40-day Devotional in Ephesians by Thistlebend Ministries and Laurie Aker Yes, it is a 40 – day devotion! That was my challenge, the highest number I will go is 7 – day but I got through it. I can commit that I did had a break in between the days but I did finish it. I love devotion that have the theme relating to the garden, because for me when I started getting into devotion for myself, my plan was a book I purchase from Barnes and Noble, called Devotions from the Garden. It was easy for me to connect more on God’s word, and finding peace in a busy life. It is just like creating your own garden where you have to attend to it everyday for it to grow, and bloom beautifully. Connecting with the garden in your everyday life. Go head and read more about the book by clicking onto the link. Let’s continue on… I started this plan, Seeds of Spring, in the beginning of April and finish it in the middle of June.

No worries, when you start this plan by yourself or as a group, Day 1 and 2 break down what you will be learning throughout the 40 -day journey. You are in the book of Ephesian the whole time. Once the days start to pick up, each day have an introduction on what you about to learn and then it have topics – seed of fruit, water seed, bear the fruit, close in prayer – for you to understand more what you just read, study, and how this relate to your everyday life. Click on the link and began your plan.


The Book of Mysteries Defining Love 3-day reading plan by Jonathan Cahn

Have you ever wanted to know about the ancient secrets? Words and phrases that is spoken in the Bible you heard but not quite understand what it’s saying? Here is the plan.

When I first saw the title, it drew me more into finding more about the devotion. Take the 3-day journey to the ancient secret and unlock the mysteries on what it means to serve God!

The Book of Mysteries: The Beginning 3-day reading plan by Jonathan Cahn

Once I found there were more of The Book of Mysteries, I had to start from The Beginning. Throughout the 3-day journey you are with a guide that is called Teacher. This teacher is guiding you through the ancient secret and unlocking the mysteries on knowing the meaning to serve God and applying your walk with the Lord.

Unleashed – 7 Affirmations To Reach Your Full Potential

Have you ever through of your full potential that God sees in you? Have you ever study the Affirmations of Faith? Well if you are still thinking, let me introduce you to a devotion that might be able to help with your affirmations to reach your full potential in Christ. Speak His Word, and have the positive not negative mind set.

This devotion came from the book by Dale O’Shields – Unleashed 25 Affirmations to Release Your Full Potential.